Triton - Bronze
Triton - Bronze
Triton - Bronze
Triton - Bronze
Triton - Bronze

Triton - Bronze

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Triton was a fish-tailed sea-god, the son and herald of Poseidon. He had a conch shell which he used as a trumpet in order to tame the waves to his volition.

One of a kind and handmade bronze ring with a signet made out of Tahiti shell. As each shell is different in color and pattern, each ring will have its own unique signet.

The ring has been polished which gives the bronze a soft glow

All pieces are made and finished by myself, Detlef, in Amsterdam. This ensures the highest quality and makes every piece unique. 

In case you prefer a different type of finish e.g. vintage or mat, this is also possible upon request without any additional charges. 

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Maintenance offered for a year

Your jewellery will be reconditioned at no charge for one year from the date of purchase

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If you are not satisfied with the product you can return the jewelry for free within the first 14 days after it has arrived. 

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